Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yeah so I totally will end up writing here so damn much. Eh, what can I say, its convenient. Figured out the term, and though its only in my mind, what the contract really means. While probably only funny to me, it reminds me of many moons ago, when we set up a term, that meant, not FB, or dating, but was more than amiable, hence the term, "extreme friends"! Hahahaha, I don't have a fucking clue why I find this funny now, but it really is. It totally fit then as a term, and in its own way does now too. I'm sick I know.

Oh yeah, talked to Kirsten tonight. Had a lovely little conversation. She got into medical school monday. She was accepted into NYU's medical school. It is truly wonderful. Wow, now I really need to find a New York law school, cause then all but Helen out of the Five will be there! Four in one area again, with me as the fifth. It's been almost two years since we all were in an area together for an extended period. At least I have incentive now, hmmmm.... Well anyhow, just had to write down that term, it was bothering for the past like ten minutes. haha, so now I can look this up and know what it was, wheeee. yeah writign for no audience, this really is like my journal. Except not really as crazy oriented, whooooo!!!!


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