Monday, February 06, 2006

Okay, so I've got to write this as fast as possible. Between the Xanax, and Jack, my mind is starting to get all happy and funny. Definitely in a good way, and I'll sleep like a baby, but hard to think cogently currently. Anyhow, I'm still reading up on the whole Iranian issue, and the Danish newspaper debacle. It is all leading to something as I have pointed out. What makes it all the more strange, is when you consider that Iran was our greatest ally up till 15 or 20 years ago, with the rise of Ayatollah Khomeni. Then came the revolution and theocratic rule in that country.
We did not like the change, but still were happy that they were not communists sympathizers at the time. Our complacency then, has led to our big problems now. Israel, is a rogue state no better than that of the Palestine, it just has money, guilt held over the world, and over 200 nuclear weapons to keep its place in proper international society. With the fall of their Prime Minister to health problems, and the upheaval in the rest of the middle east, we are looking toward a bleak international future.
Republicans running all three branches of government for the time being gives an open way and free checkbook to start a third war. However, I feel that we will not have to do that, as Israel is poised for war. It will not be long mind you, but highly deadly. And will lead to the split in nations otherwise amiable currently. Even nations that have no direct isuuse, will ring in. India feels they ae wrong, but should they defy the US, they will see the brunt of our power. Pakistan will side with Iran, and hell even Russia may have to, as they are big exporters to the nation.
Put this way, if muslims go crazy over a stupid cartoon, how can we expect them to do any less when the whole UN Security Council is on their backs, and say negotiate or go to war?
It is a scary time, and one I do not relish.
Yet, a war, a true war, one not started by us, and on false pretences would save the Bush administration, give credence to Tony Blair's, and help fix relations with Germany and Franche. The old alliances may just take up again. I would love tosee that happen, though there would still be war, it would be more of the conventional type because the only fear is using the bombs we have. Otherwise, we would have blown up Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Iran. Also, its one fo the few true nations for precolonial days, which we help set up with a monarchy. The US has reached a zenith, and I am done with it all. Historically, it would be "cool" to see war, and all ifs effects.
Oil, it all comes down to money and oil. Should Tehran fall, all the East will listen. I suppose its not worth thinking about the inevitable, only praving it comes too late.
Well, that's all I have now in this stupor. sometime I'll get into it more . Night!!!


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