Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So, I have decided to write this evening on a subject that affects everyone in one way or another, and goes along in the same vein as my last post. Continuity of thought is key, or at least I would like it to be on here. Then again, when have I ever kept on track with anything. It's all the little pitfalls and diversions that make life, well life.
Anyhow, I wanted this post to ask a few questions, even if I do not answer them in the end. Perhaps, I want to make you, the reading public, take some time to think about what is really going on in the world, and how we got where we are. So question of the evening-

Where is the line, how do we know when we crossed it, and can we redraw it time and again, and expect it to have any validity in the end?

Pretty much I am speaking firstly of the entire East, West divide of cultures. I mean, I understand that one's religion is sacrosanct. I above all, can sympathize with those who's religion is mocked in a joking manner or sometimes worse. However, I cannot abide those who would kill and burn other's embassy's simply because a nation's newspaper has published inarticulate cartoons of a sacriligious nature. Plus, we in the West, have this ideal since the Enlightenment, that says you can say what you want, because everyone is fair game. Not the best synopsis, but you get the point. We, don't have limits anymore, and the East has so many, I am surprised they haven't choked on their own rules. It would be like living in 2006, with the full Spanish Inquisition going on. Old ideas must evolve if a society wishes to grow, change, and become a better version of itself.
However, as I am sure you are all wondering, what does this have to do with lines. Well, this. Where is the line drawn when one has to take care of what to say or write, or even think about other's beliefs? And also, where do you draw the line, when as I said, a society must evolve? After all, tradition is very important and should one change too quickly, you can throw away all the best qualities of a people in the attempt at improvement. The perfect example from Western history being Vatican II. The Roman Catholic Church, in trying to change its facade, destroyed that which made it so damn powerful. Tradition. By adding the vernacular, service in a nation's common language versus Latin, they took away the one thing that tied all Roman Catholics together. Unity of messgae, thought, look matter. And that is where the Muslims kick our ass. They are one body ultimately, and of one mind. Should the West not take this into consideration and seriously, We are fucked! It's that simple. Look at Israel, a Jewish state in the midst of the Muslim world, yet they have flourished, and kicked everyone's ass, in every war they've fought since 1947. Why, no dissension.
Hmmm, this has taken a tangent, but one I am happy to go on. I guess, I am saying outright, the West has destroyed its own future, unless it can find some common ground again, that makes us a solid entity again. We had Christianity, and they screwed that up. So in a way, I have my own Machiavellian glee over the present plight. We may be the most powerful nations for now, but how long will that go on? History says, not very long at all. Turn your back on God, and He will pour forth his wrath. Am I fucked if this adage is true, yes! But, at least I know why, and can accept that my life, though my own, and guided by free will, is also but a small part of the divine plan. Self righteous much, haha.
Next, where is the line in relation to friends? And its not going where most expect this part to go. Knowing she'll never see it, Lisa is the perfect example. I said no more or less than was expected, and the backlash is still stinging. We are best friends, yet I wonder if that means anything anymore? How did I cross a line, that I never even knew existed? Yet, I do not think that I am the only one who has this problem. That is the key. Who decides lines, what can you actually do to make them distinct and not invariable? Short of writing out something (no laughing) there are no guarantees! I cannot believe society has made it this long. And why am I thinking of all this now?
See, I said there would be a lot of unanswered questions. Lines. They are drawn, erased, renigged, and broken. Sometimes, if you're lucky they are made stronger, but other times, a broken line may just be the anwer. What a fatalist I've become. But also so much more pragmatic and realistic. I guess it's what they call growing up...
And as any proper Brit would say, there's always time for long as you can still run afterward...


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