Wednesday, April 19, 2006

.... SO ANGRY!!!

As I have told a few others, I am just so mad at recent events etc. I mean what the fuck do I need to do to just have my way and bes simple etc? It isn't like I expect much, I'm very easy going. But a few friends to stick up for me, and those who can take me as I am. It isn't much, but it still carries a punch.

I am tired of those who say I look down on others just because I happen to have a real educaction. Or friends who figure I can just change my whole plans becauss it's more convenient to them. Even those who think less of me, simply because my best qualities went out of vogue like ages ago! I mean simple, sweet, and a bit stoic never hurt anyone.

Yet, I am always surprised at those who every once in a while surprise you with their humanity and sensitivity. I appreciated it because I don't feel quite so angry and ready to stab someone, hahaha. If I did say anything of an improper nature sorry. But to just let some steam out to someone who won't judge me, well at least to my face, is so rare. I just know that I can be as verbose as needed, and not be looked unkindly upon. Thank you for that.

Now, I just need to fix my arm and be merry... With someone as stupidly opptomistic as me, I am sure it can't be that bad. Well anyhow, its off to bed with me. I am proud though because as angry as I was, and am, I kept things of ill nature silent. I wouldn't want to know, so who would??? Well to all a merry good night. You are the creme de la creme!

PS, How can I not brag about you ??? You are truly unique and special!!! Always remember that one cherie!!!


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