Saturday, March 25, 2006

There's always tonight...

Whatever, we did end up talking about some very rough stuff, but it was by my choosing, so I cannot ever be angry or overly hurt by what was said. I actually appreciate the blunt honesty, though it is hard to hear. You do "toughen" me up, that's for sure. One may say it is not the best to do to people like me, but that's neither here nor there. Anyhow, it was not one of my favorite convos to have, and lord knows I will always push for what I want. But I also will say, my determination is beginning to wane. I cannot say if you are right in wanting me to find someone else, you know how you feel, I know how I feel. I guess leave it at that for now.

As always I did a little damage control, and everything has turned out in my favor. Whew. Maybe you are right, Melissa is worth keeping around, she's loyal, if not just too ditzy at times ot know when to keep her mouth shut. So point for you, in seeing more into her than I. I'll think about my upcoming dinner with Matt on Thursday and keep your advice in mind, in case some way in pans out.

But as I said in the beginning of this, there is always tonight. I had a super great time just singing my crazy little heart out and laughing. Nothing beats seeing you work on one cord so damn hard, and mulling it over. Our harmonies may be shaky, my voice a bit weak tonight, and you're bon jovi impression innappropriate, haha, but it was fun... Friendship might just outlast dumb amorous objectives, and for once, even if just tonight, I think that is really okay. You made my mommy tear up during Via Dolorosa, but for just having this memory, all dumb questions on my part later, are worth it. I'm sappy, I'm stupidly romantic, I'm naive and clueless. I'm me... and I'll be damned, that's not a bad person to be...!


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