Friday, March 24, 2006

So, for the record, as far as I can tell, you are the only one I can trust.... It is a sad fact, but also a bit relieving... Everything I have told people in confidence, and I mean real friends has been let out... That is beyond my scope of belief, because if nothing else I have always kept a secret, and my promises. Even you know that is true. I mean how could Mitzi screw me over like that, she is the one person I trusted! I just feel so upset and mad about it. And its worse cause she's sick so I can't really be mad, that's like wrong I suppose. But, why must I find out the one mentor I've had in ages, betrayed me???

That leaves just you.. I do not know what to think of that. I mean everyone at work has betrayed me or said something. I just found that out tonight, and as I have always known, they tell everyone everything, or at least me... there is no one to trust anymore. What should I do mon cherie??? You are the one person I trust, and know will be there for me... Oh god, is that why I hang on... hmmmm. Well, for whateve its worth thank you! I'm sure you won't read this, as I'm not longer important to you, at least not while you're home... To betrayal, and revenge, may one equal the other....


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