Friday, April 28, 2006

Officially wound tighter than a screw on a Nascar Racer!!! One day left, voice at 70%. Time to get the party started. Rehersal in two hours, dinner in three and a half. Then out for one last drink with Lois to celebrate our last night of mutual singlehood...

My god, where does the time go? I keep crying when I think of her getting married. It's great, just so emotional. Someone so close, who I have literally known from the very first day I came to the US. That's amazing! She is one of my best and closest friends, and now she starts a whole new life. I just hope that my minor contribution tomorrow to the events are worthy of so unique an occasion. It is humbling to see two people you love come together. Wow, I am sentimental today, haha, and scared off my ass.

Yeah I need to stop writing posts when buzzed, haha. That last one doesn't even make sense to me. If I figure out who I meant it will be a miracle. Eh, my anger gets all confused, haha. Oh and my dreams lately have been sooo off the hilt. There's one about me as Superman, one with me Gambling almost winning but never quite, and another which is sort of tawdry, we'll leave it at that. Well, here is to a great weekend full of love and happiness. I just need to talk to someone to get out this emotion before tomorrow, ugh... Well, have a good one all! Times like these make you miss some things so damn much...


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