Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ugh, so bloody sick...

I mean come on, what in the hell kind of Kharma is this? I have waited two years, and many weeks for this blasted wedding to come, just so I could sing and enjoy Lois' happiness at her wedding. Now just one week to go and I am sicker than the Japanese economy! It would be fine if I still had my voice, and was just nauseaus or perhaps a bit peaked. But nooooo, I lost my voice because my throat is all red and sore.

Well, I have many days off this week, and I will do anything to get better. Rest, relaxation, drugs, even tea. There has got to be some way to make my body better before this supposed blessed event. Maybe it was all that ire I felt last week, coming back to me? Do I need to do something nice to make my mood better, and then feel good? Oh, I just want to enjoy Saturday. I mean, Lois will be beautiful, Melissa is coming from NYC to the wedding, and it's an open bar at the reception.

Damn all this stress. I missed my final orchestra concert tonight because I couldn't move, and now I may look like hell for all time in Lois' wedding photos. I sound like a frog when I open my mouth. Ok, calm down. I will get better, and it will be wonderful! Just need to relax, and sleep, a lot!!!

Bleh. At least her bachelorette party went well. We all had so much fun, and dance like crazy. The strippers were hot, and dinner at the restaurant, Bahama Breeze, was magnificent. My salmon was wonderful with no fishy taste or smell. And my martini was practically gasoline, that is a great! Here's to a week of trying to get better....I hope.


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