Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Silence is golden excpect when you hope for something else. I have learned that sometimes you wish for more than mere voids of noise. And when you recieve something, it is so endearing, at least if given the right way. There are simple ways to express your discontent with life, or current events. And then there are ways that can annoy. Like those who usually answer a correspondence fairly promptly yet now just do not even act like it occured. That can be minorly aggravating. Or those who do not talk to one, and then weeks later explain they now have a boyfriend. That is tres not cool!

The biggest irony of all this, is that I care obviously in some esoteric way, but could care less anymore in the day to day. After all, no ones actions can make me content or sad in any way anymore. That is simply pathetic, and I am, or should be better than that. Besides, I have a glorious event to look forward to in just three days. All I have to do now is be ready, full or glee, and sound of voice!!!

I guess what I want to think even if not quite there is that I am finished. All is done. I have taken my stand and to hell with everything else! So let it be written, so let it be done!


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