Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm so angry...!!!

About a dream... hahahha. Yet I do not find it all that funny. Pretty much, it took place as a class field trip at some random venue, for something. Yeah it was a dream, some parts are vague. Now the dream part is that all the people involved spanned almost my entire friendship life. I had people there from elementary school, some from college, a few from present (though no close friends from this point ie work, etc) and then those other special people.

So, back to dream. We were all in busses and trying to get to said venue, from I think a hotel. Well we get there, and there is some sort of pit full of mulch. But also a dance floor, which I was all dressed for. Except one person, Lois' friend I met the other week said I needed to change cause leahter pants were out this year. Ugh. Don't know why I wore leather pants, but I think I had read about them somwhere so who knows. Then we're all dancing and some people just keep avoiding me all night.

When we get ready to go, I look, see them and they go the other way. I run into my friend Liz from elementary school, and she is hanging upside down in a tree. Which reminded me of a photo of all of us from long ago, just hanging out and having fun. THis was the sappy sad part of the dream. I tell her this, she gets all weepy too, haha. Then as I look for other said person, they text my cell in my dream.

At this point, Lois called and I was totally pissed off, hahaha. Not exactly sure why, but I know it cannot be a good sign when you start getting mad at people you haven't even spoken to in the day! Food for thought, hahahha...


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