Friday, March 17, 2006

So according to the latest statistics at group therapy, not only am I an alcholic, but a raging one amongst many. I had the highest score out of everyone, and had to make up some story as to why I was no longer one anymore. The best thing to know about therapy is when to tell the truth, ie in private sessions, and when to lie out of your ass, ie, group situations amongst strangers or worse, parents. That was one unpleasant experience I am glad to never relive. Though it does provide for some great stories whenever there's nothing at present to note.
Amazing how people remember me. Had a customer today at work who actually remembers me from her daughters party over six months ago, and that I said someday I would be on the Supreme Court. So when she stopped in today and I told her I had just been accepted to a law school, she was like, well you're on your way! It still feels good to say that. Although I won't lie and say it wouldn't be even better should I get into Fordham. But I am not a greedy man, I can deal with Drexel and turn that little wedge of oppurtunity into a mighty river.
Fidelis...That is what we all seek in life. It comes in many forms from our friends, family, or relationships. How much one can rely on another can make all the difference. Not the least because when the stresses of life or whatever come, and they do come, true fidelis is necessary and if wise, one always knows where to go for it. I have Nick, Melissa and the most of the Five. And always my family and friends. Yet, even with all that, we often want more. Why? Is it greed, or perhaps something more intrinsic? I cannot answer this. All I know is that I keep looking for it. Somehow though, I feel that lately, I may just be a little closer to the answer to my own question...but that can wait for another day!


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