Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1. Party 1 and Party 2, will heretofore be known as "1" & "2" respectively.

2. 1 and 2 agree to the termination of all prior contracts sparing those of monetary interests.

3. In regards to the said contract in paragraph 2, all rewards and benefits heretofore are to continue, sparing any and all stipulations known to 1 and 2, and stated within this document.

4. All questions posed to that of 1 or 2 must be answered in full, with honesty.

5. 1 and 2 consent to the common friendship standards known to both parties in previous.a. Standard American "friendship" applies.b. Benefits will continue per order of this document.

6. Benefits cease on pursuance of other involvements.a. Should said involvements end, paragraph 5, part b, is reinstated provided that the monetary interests mentioned in paragraph 2 are yet unreturned.

7. 1 and 2 are not required to answer any questions beyond their scope or maxim.

8. 1 or 2 may not end any form of communiqué, bearing necessity of situation, without mutual consent.

9. Said contract may not be terminated or amended without consultation and full agreement of both 1 and 2.

10a. For violation by 1, 2 is hereby emancipated from all contracts. Furthermore monetary interests loaned by 1 are decreased by twenty-five percent.
10b. For violation by 2, 1 may visit in current semester for one weekend barring any possible complications with pursuant. Should 1 visit during current semester, 10b will be subject to immediate review regardless of contract renewal date. Accomadations for 1 will be made by 2 at no charge, within reason.
10c. Guilt is assumed unless proven innocent.
10d. Should the parties not agree on a committed violation, outside arbitration will be sought.
10e. Arbitration must be agreed upon by both parties.

11. For any and all items of judgment there will be a best of 7 game of "High Card." Rules of the Gentleman's Honor Code apply.

12. Current contract applies 12:01 AM February 15th, 2006.

13a. Negotiations for said contract shall commence every two weeks.
13b. Said contract remains in effect until both parties can agree on renewal.
13c. Further contracts cannot be filibustered, and are subject to arbitration per either party. Unreasonable delay is an explicit violation of said contract.
13d. Outside arbitration must be agreed upon by 1 and 2.

Party 1, PLM
Party 2, SER


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