Saturday, February 25, 2006

I do believe the Shit is about to hit the fan. So much going on, so much is just balanced precariously in my life. When that balance goes, I feel it will take with it a lot of security I love. But, I am not saying that all will be bad. Just a hell of a lot different than I expect. Oh well...For the next three days I must write like never before, get everything done I need to do for school, and block out all impositions to my psyche. Oh yeah, read an article that sort of scared the Hell out of me. Pretty much says memory loss, changes in memory, and other odd mental affects can be causedby early brain tumors that become more imposing as they grow. But by that time the person's life has been ruined because it went undiagnosed and they are so different or forget everything, so their life is gone. Literally.
What is life but memory? Without that one thing, we have no way of knowing why we do what we do, how to do it, or even why it matters. Our pasts give us a lot of our present. They are so intertwined, that I believe we take it for granted. What happens when you forget? Well, I have to head to work now, but just felt like writing a blurb. Not sure why exactly. Just felt a burst of emotive writing would help...


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