Sunday, February 26, 2006

Transfiguration Sunday

What can I say about that? It is fitting that I apply and finish my applications on this day of days. In just three short days, Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, and the solemn season leading up to Easter Sunday commences. But, before all that is today. This is the last "positive" day of the church till Lent is over. We heard all about Jesus' transfiguration from Man to Son of God today. What can that have been like, to realize, though it is supposed he knew already, to realize you are now the future of the world? To become deity is to take on everything. This is what is so powerful about Christianity versus any other religion. We celebrate and worship God, who also was Man. One who understands every little human failing and success, not because He is God, but because He was once one of us, if for just thirty three years. Christianity is a religion of empathy in that sense. God, does not simply sympathize with our plight as in the Old Testament, but can empathize, as he felt pain, sorrow, joy, and love. Ours is a God of surpreme power, and humility.
Now I take this day to hopefully emulate but a tiny part of that lesson. I must write down in detail the allegations against me, and even further back in my past, why I had a year long "break". Not easy to do, since I have tried how many years now to completely forget that time. Perhaps, the catharsis of writing about it, will finally put it all behind me for good. Today, I become transfigured, into a man of action. Then it is out of my hands, and ironically, my waiting period for acceptances/rejections could be as long as, if not longer, than the entire Lenten season. The Jews waited forty years, Jesus had forty days in the desert, I suppose forty days or longer will not do me any harm either! Now I just need to think of what to give up for Lent. So many choices.
Life always comes around full circle. It is a question of did we learn what we needed to the first time. I trust that I have gained some knowledge and wisdom. I could be wrong. But, I doubt that. Here is a time for reflection and earnest seeking of the truth. It certainly is not amazing that Lent and Holy Week are my favorite times in the church year. This time of the year proves that the best truly does come at a price, and takes time and effort before the light comes. Just over forty days. By Easter, I hope that everything makes sense. I am sure that it will...


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