Saturday, March 18, 2006

We, the USA may be in a second Cold War, because we cannot win in a "hot war" currently. Our resources are stretched too thin, and foreign public opinion lay against us. Sucks doesn't it. However, if we bide our time, and if we have patience, we will see the bleaker times end, and find our edge in. Then we simply must have a little thougthfulness, a little luck, and a lot of determination to fucking get what we want. A nation amiable to our demands and needs. Some say its a dream, but Republicans never lose these things. We started and ended the Cold War, and we shall do it again. Hence why I back them. I never pursue a losing bet, its simply not classy. The Middle East is but a game and I know that I will see a day when this rogue region is under our domination. For that I am happy.
The key to these things as with all things in life is strategy. When one road fails, you regroup, find a new path, and attack. It makes the game so much more interesting. Adversaries can never fully know what to expect if you are able to reinvent and reimagine yourself in this way. I see the Republican party as doing just this. We succeeded in 2000 and 2004 because we were able to convince the moronic masses that we were this whole new political party, instead of one that only cares for itself. Silly people, we only care and will ever only care about ourselves. After all, if we didn't who would???
So I look forward to this coming week. Should start off well, with Lois' bridal shower, and then who knows what else afterward. Good friends are finally back, and I have something on which to ponder. Never underestimate my mind, its a tricky entity... To friends, to fun, to fellatio!!!


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