Saturday, September 02, 2006

"The choices we make, Dictate the lives that we lead..."

It is amazing how long this one quote has lasted with me. The first time that I heard it was when I was about 13 or 14. We watched the movie, "Renaissance Man" in Health class because my teacher wanted to show us what it meant to grow up and face ourselves as we do so. She was a cool teacher, Mrs. Russo. I have thought of this phrase many times as I grew up, in high school when deciding classes, and as I chose colleges. In college, when I slowly fucked up my own life. It was a constant reminder that for all we try to blame others or outside forces, it is we ourselves who most impact our life. Choices.

I know the ultimate choice of school lay within me. Definitely not the easiest one to make, but one that I am glad to have decided. Each day I feel I made the right choice, and that is rare. However I realize I already have people who feel I not only will not make it, but have not a chance in Hell of making it through even my first year of school. Amazing the guy had the guts to say this to my face the other day. He was lucky we had a lot of professors around us, or I would have kicked the shit out of him. I know, a bit crass of an action, but that was uncalled for. My friend Tom was even offended that anyone would say that to another. It is wrong and pathetic. But I will use this as the perfect push. Whenever I feel like slacking or waning, I will think how this guy said I would fail. After all, I do love a good challenge!

Whatever happens, I do have people to support me. In fact, though I had said it in passing, I may have a roomate for next year, if Tom and I remain friends this year. He is interested in moving to Philadelphia and I in getting closer to the law school. Plus two people should be able to get a little bigger apartment in the city I am hoping. This is my last real free weekend. I am going to make the most of it, even though its rainy. The least I can do is relax and get some work done. Then watch movies and maybe even see a friend or two. Who knows? Orientation is done, let the real grillwork begin...


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