Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"let it all begin..."

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! I start law school tomorrow, to be completely clear, orientation for law school tomorrow at Drexel University. It is going to be the most polite bloodbath ever, with everyone smiling, shaking hands, and in their minds sizing up everyone else. Thank god I come off a bit stupid, allows no one to get a real handle on how I will do initially.

Leaving home today was easy, but last night made me want to just vomit I was so nervous. Amazing how some people can handle stress with the least amount of outward emotion and yet people like me have to get it all out in the loudest most undignified way ever. Well, better to do it in the presence of friends, even if they do think you are the biggest faggot and pussy ever now, then in front of people you do not know at all.

I hope that this whole being alone thing toughens me up and that my own prediction for lack of friends does not come true in three years. Although at least there was the hope that a few closest friends will always be near. It is now 9PM and I need to get my ass in gear, read all my work, get sleep, and find my way to the Constitution Center in just under twelve hours. Here is to my first day ever of the rest of my career life...!


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