Friday, August 11, 2006

"Pandora's Box"

I realize why the story of Pandora's Box was so important to the Greeks finally. It isn't a story a the great fall of man, or why we are so wrought with evil around us. No, the story gives us the reason that mankind always fights, and always keeps going. Hope. A very simple and benign emotion in and of itself, but full of so much promise.

Without hope, man will sink or swim, most likely he will sink. That is okay in the end. With hope, man always strives for those things that are sometimes attainable, but also those which are fully unattainable the rest of his life. Why? The reason lay in man's desire for what is better than what is at the present moment. We each want something more than what we have. Not in the greedy and avaricious sense, but in the sense that there is something more for every person because in us lay the ability of all those before us. Hope, it keeps us going in the dark times, and sustains us through the timultous times. But here is the true irony... What happens when Hope is actually the biggest curse of life?

Hope does push us, and help us in those dark times. But the problem is when hope sustains us through those ideas which either never have been born, or should die out due to realitistic goals. And what is worse, is when others give us hope for something that just cannot be, at least at present. It hurts not because we expect anything, but because before that moment, we wanted nothing and thought nothing, but afterward had hope. To give hope is to give a false sense of securtiy. But the worst part is that I cannot blame anyone but myself.

I let my guard down, and began to hope. I am the insipid one. I trusted my senses and they let me down. Now I start again. It just gets a little harder each time, and knowing that the road is long and arduous makes it not easier. Some think that I am not humble, because it does not suit me. Humility is what allows me to go on... it is what allows me to still be a true Christian, and allows me to love, unconditionally, no matter what is thrown at me... So I am not mad, merely I am trying to not hope... for what should never have been born in my own mind.


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