Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Whistle while you work..."

Well the first day of law school certainly was interesting. My torts professor is actually a visiting teacher from Villanova Law School. She is pretty chill, but also a bit affected in the head I think. We went over a few cases and just started right off. Already I hate torts for all it stands for and how the precedents work. But at least Wortheimer, that's the prof, thinks the subject is fun and that makes it a bit easier to swallow.

Legal writing was boring as hell today but that was due to our learning statutory research. Always a barrel of monkeys. The work is slowly beginning to pile up, but at least a lot of it is pure reading and briefing. Will take a while to become accustomed to it, but nothing I cannot handle. Did not work out today because they went swimming and forgot to mention it to me, so I only had my workout clothes no suit. Oh well, just took the four hour break to take a nap back here at the apartment. Good thing, I have lots to get done tonight to keep a leg up before the weekend and my big research assignment due Monday.

As for my lovely apartment neighbors, one of them came a knocking this evening. The most horse toothed person I have met in ages was at the door. She went to UPenn. What a disaster, haha. I was a bit worried when I heard the knock, but she just wanted to introduce herself. Turns out Asian has been away for the whole weekend into next week, whooo, that's all I have to say. Although I did get quite a look from horsey at first. She is thinking of law school as well. ugh. So now I am just trying to stay cognizant to be studious. Turns out I really am going to learn a hell of a lot about contracts. I bought my other book tonight for class tomorrow. It is chock full of ideas for my next contractual agreement whatever that may be. Now I just need a study group, though doubtful that will work out. But according to my tort professor it really is not necessary to be in one. So I will be fine working on my own!...


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