Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today at group therapy learned all about addiction, what it is, and what to do about it. Quite the funny time actually. Did a survey of some of the addictions to see who was in which category, such as shopping, sex, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, etc. I raised my hand for a few of them, gave everyone a chuckle, especially the sex one. The girl beside me and I both raised our hands, and of course we were in the corner, so everyone found that funny. She's a cool girl, named Caroline, we have a play date for our last meeting to go out afterward. That should be fun!

Anywho, I learned how addictions work, and of course always knew that they were chemical versus just a lack of will power. But, what was really interesting was learning about what all one can be addicted to. I need not go into that here, but one can imagine, where my mind strayed. hahahaha. Makes sense, considering timeframe of everything. Oh well, maybe that's just an excuse too, who knows. I certainly do not. But I know that should I ever try cocaine, which I am seriously thinking about, that it could be quite detrimental to my state of current affairs. Hmmm, but it does have its plusses too.

Let's see, what else is on the board. Well missing the Drexel meet and greet Saturday, a bit bummed over that. But there is another as I have heard, in August, so that would be cool to get to. Just got some financial aid stuff, have to read that tonight. I think, seeing as my literary tastes have been mocked, haha, I will start an actual novel soon. Keep my mind active. Just practicing like crazy for the concert, and soon for Lois' wedding. Oh, also no need to look for stripped, whoooo. Yay, i thin kthere was more to write about, but my mind is blank...


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