Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Perseverence is the key. It is what I must use to succeed in the next three years. For once, I will have to use every skill, every talent, every wile to make it in law school. It is like taking all the lessons from life, and having a three year final to see if you learned anything from all your experiences. There will be times for compassion and times to fuck over whomever it takes to win. Then, I have to use all the intellect God gave me to memorize and reiterate all that I learn. Finally, I see myself using all my best and worst interpersonal skills to end up on top.
Why you may ask am I writing of this now? I would say it is two things. First, I realized that I lost my Columbia Uni address today. Luckily, all mail can be forwarded but still, its a very tough step. The last link to college life is dead. Fortunately, I unlike my friends last year, am heading off to graduate school, so the blow is not quite as strong. Secondly, I recieved some mail about law reviws and my future loans to pay for law school. The reality has hit, and I am sending my check for Drexel in two days! Whoa. It is very thrilling, but also overwhelming.
I wish that some of my friends would think to ask if I am doing okay with all of this. I am, but we all need a little reassurance that our friends are out there. It just seems that everyone is after my time, and that's cool, I love helping, but so few are there for me. Maybe its just because for the first time in a long time, months, even a year has passed without me really having any struggles, except the DUI, and even that I took in stride. I guess, my self esteem has actually coincided to match my self confidence. I am truly ready for law school if that is the case. Everything I have learned, and everything that comes my way is no longer too much. Simply a barrier to be broken down. And trust me, with my determination I will never fail...


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