Sunday, May 28, 2006

I made a decision to be your friend.... Hell I made it knowing you have rarely tried to keep your own promised. So be it!'

Do not ever lecture me on being a good friend or on being the one who needs to be proper in all situations. I could care less if you have tried to do the same. But I do ask that you for once try to be the proper one and give me the consideration of a bit, for four years worth of friendship. It is over, though I wish it differently, perhaps there is something worth saving? The ball is in your court. After all, we know how I feel. And ironically for once I can say/write it out loud. I love you, more than I wish, but I love you, and should/if it ends, though you never showed it, I always felt it. Goodbye Ma Cherie,
Chante, Chantes,


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