Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inebriation is bad.... Sobriety is worse!

I have had a very interesting talk with Mark this past evening/morning and found out things I just never wanted to know. Amazing how people take a high ground and are no better than those they judge. But whatever, I am just glad that I still have enough in me to be able to take what information I can get without giving any in return. This day began with all I have ever dreaded and feared. Now that it is over, and I move on. Nothing ever actually gets me down. As much as I bitch and complain, I refuse to let things destroy my actual plans and hopes. It would be to admit defeat, and I am never defeated. Simply, held back.

At least these many long days of not driving will give me time to actually think what is important and what is necessary. Some ties are never broken, but in a weakened state wait for a very uncertain future. I do not have the answers, nor the ability to find them all out. I live life now from day to day. I am flawed, and damn proud of that, because I am caring then. For all I have done, I am still a gentleman, and a scholar. Time to let it go... just let it all go....


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