Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!

Oh my god, I totally give up. Even when I try to do things the supposedly normal way, I end up getting burned. Tired of trying just to find out that almost all guys suck. How hard is it to tell someone the truth? And you know what, I already have paid enough for this fucking DUI, why do I still have to pay more, not monetarily but amicably? Summer is the only time I get to see certain people, and that was one thing I looked forward to even if they did not, and now I find out well that is why we do not see each other.

You say you feel left out, but when I try to be serious or tell you things I am degraded or bullied. Why would anyone tell someone things if they knew the outcome, no one would. I trust you, and god knows more, but you apparently feel nothing. What happens in two months, what can happen, if there is nothing left? Maybe you should ask what it was that I wanted, though not surprised, I wonder if you ever fully know the impact of what it all....?

I am tired of it all, and yet, I still hope, and still try. And I think now only I know what lay behind the struggle...


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