Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Dark & Twisted"

Well, that about sums up some of the things I have found out and this in general. It makes me laugh now, which is a good sign. A week ago I would be all upset, now I just laugh it all off. Apparently the "secret society" now known by their true name "O.C.D." (The Order of the Crimson Dawn), hahahah. Wow, you know you're started by fags when that is the strongest name you could come up with. So anyhow, my friend Zoe told me a few new facts. The Crimson Dogs wrote to our Dean saying they should by default make up the entire student gov't, but were turned down... awwww. Pity. I could not have asked for anything better. How stupid can you be to let the Dean in on your "society". Apparently Zoe then wrote saying she had nothing to do with the group. Oh, Mark, the gaysian, put all 12 or 15 of the member's names on the letter he sent. Moron.
Next on our list. Grey's Anatomy. I really enjoyed it. A bit disparate in all the character's interactions but still very good. I decided that how they describe Meredith is quite accurate, plus I am sort of that way, "Dark and Twisted". I did after all explain that perfectionists do tend to be all aflutter when it goes away. Well, I became that way, I got very dark and just hide it under a veneer of crazy and insecure. I see good things coming out of this season.
Classes as I had said went great. Oh yeah, I do believe I'll run for the student government. Might as well use my newfound funny man status to get what I want. Or at least to keep some others from getting what they want, hah. Mean, nah. Simply paying back for the past. Plus it will look good resume wise, and get contacts.
They took something from me, and now I figure as Hammarabi said, an Eye for an Eye. Classes are great, I am actually ahead in reading... Why not entertain myself a little at the expense of other's sad sense of Nirvanna. Whoo... Besides Nick's not coming to Philly so I need something to do this weekend...!


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