Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Work, Work, Work"

It is great how not all work is bad work or something to be dreaded. After all, there is hard work, there is family work, and work toward improvement. Take for instance working out. I finally am seeing results from the past months daily exursions to the gym. There are muscles that pop, which I did not even know existed. And I do not care how I look any more than I care that I feel great. I know I am trying and that is something unto itself.
Second there is school work. Well it is definitely something that is not exactly jovial work. But there is pride in knowledge. Not everyone can do this work or fully comprehend it. After all these weeks some things are starting to make sense, and what does not, I will get in time. My memo draft had a hell of a lot of mistakes and things that needed corrected. But I okay with that because I also did a lot right. Sloppy errors and organizational problems aside, it still withstood the first criticism by my professor. Also in the scope of school, I redeemed myself in Contracts class. My teacher apparently enjoys picking on me, so she called on me again Friday. I was scared to death, cause it was near the end of class and we were starting a new unit. She explained a hypothetical and wanted someone to explain why form supercedes substance. I answered to the best of my knowledge from case and pragmatism. Professor Cody said the book could not have said it better! I was grilled another 10 minutes and kicked ass. Everyone was like, wow she picked you out again, but you really got it. Talked to her after class, and to Professor Cohen about contract law. It looks like I may lean toward that for my concentration.
OCD is always fun to deal with. The foundation is laid and it seems I have found allies. Before it was personal, but as always, if you make it personal you fail. The larger picture is this. They are hurting my friends chances at doing what they enjoy and trying to take away something from all of us. So I say no. All I can hope is that I can make sure my friends in the group are left unscathed if possible.
This leads to friendship. There is always work to be done to solidify and substantiate a good friendship. I work to keep my friends in law school together and not get too absorbed by school. I always keep in touch with the Five from Columbia, and they do likewise. But all of this is fun work, because I care for them all. And family, well what family does not reuqire work, haha. But we are close and that is something.
For someone who hated work his whole life, manual work, school work, amiable work... I finally understand what my family was instilling in me, the ability to do any work, and be proud of all the accomplishments it brings...


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