Friday, December 01, 2006

"One More Month"

Wow, there is just one more month until the beginning of a New Year. So it is time to do some random house cleaning, mind clearing. Easier said than done, but that is alright. If it were easy to get one's life back in order, it would not be worth doing. I really do like struggle far too much. I fear what is easy or directly in front of me. Hence why I get so agitated by dreadfully literal people. Yet I am the most literal minded person at times in the world.

Finals are already over, and second quarter is through it's first week. Just two more until Christmas vacation. Not very long at all. I want to just relax and enjoy some time in the city, but that seems to be highly unlikely. After all, my friends are all shut-ins. Then when they get home, IM me and complain about a boring night! It is beyond me what they want out of it all. Yes we are here to learn and to get our best grades. But if people cannot relax now when it is just school, what the Hell will they do when they enter the world of law? It only gets worse as we get older for the next thirty years or so, till we get to positions of power and call the shots.

Well, I just took a sleeping pill a bit ago and its taking effect. So I am off to bed, till later...


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