Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"7 DS"

So today my friends and I played a game that was created originally as part of the test for MENSA, but now is all over. You have a number, and then letters following, and the sequence stands for a common phrase or makes a sentence. We racked our brains over some of the harder ones, and luckily one still remembered all of them from a time she first did them. So the title of this post is one I made up. Very simple, at least if you know my tastes.

Law school certainly does drain the soul of all its hope and expectations. After this past weekend I have much to ponder and understand about the present, and my future. Normally I revel in self-awareness and inner comptemplation. Not so much this time. There are choices to be made, which will certainly be tough, and I am making them before I even have all the facts. It's like trying to drive a racing course blindfolded at 150 mph.

I have definitely been having loads of friend issues over the past few weeks. So I have decided that it has to be me! There is no way everyone can be against me, that's just paranoid. Of course that means that in the past few weeks, I have gone from sensitve, to oversensitve, and now I have reached my peak, Hypersensitive. Not something to be proud of, but true. Every little thing sets me off now. No way this is good for my psyche. Although on the flip side, makes my decision to stay or go that much more objective, because I do not have to think of missing or not missing friends.

Layers of my self are sloughing off, and I have no clue if for the best or worst. Although, I will say law school has brought out all of my worst attributes at one time, and very few of my best. Is that telling, or just what was expected? I need someone who has been there and done that to explain if this is normal, but whom? As for the rest of my life, well it certainly has become more exploratory than I would have ever guessed. Just a little bit of my prudish side is gone, who knew I still had one, and I am eager to see what else is out there!

Well I know one thing for sure, I need to keep my mind active, and not just in a legalistic sense. If I do not read and write, play some music, and try learning other things, I will wilt. Perhaps a new hobby is in order. We shall see... here's to many sleepless nights figuring out what the Hell I need to do to succeed...


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