Monday, January 29, 2007

"It's all in how you look at it..."

I had my meeting with the Dean of Students today. I found the meeting to be quite satisfactory, and even helpful. She allowed me to speak freely of my fears and ask any questions that I may have on anything related to my law school career or future at the college of law. She said that it is not uncommon to question one's placement at this point in time, and asked if I felt a fire whenever I studied for classes or wrote my papers. Then she asked if I understood her meaning and to think about that. For me, this was a very good way to explain it as it deals more with just pure emotion and gut feeling than the logical side and thought processes.

I asked if there was a job out there for everyone when we graduate, as long as we graduate. She assured me that this was the case, and to not use that as a guiding tool. Another question posed, was where do I see myself if I should leave and how do I know of that. I of course explained my affinity for seminary and the ministry in some form. Ironcially enough, that was her two choices as well, the clergy or law school. She gave me homework to do over spring break to help me figure out what is right. So I have to go on a mini trip and discover what lay beyond the scope of Philadelphia proper.

Anywho, it was a helpful update and fulfilled some of my desires to know what lay out there after law school, whether I stay or go. I know that I have much more to ponder and comtemplate, but I feel an inner strength that I did not have previously, that whatever my desicion may be, it will not be one made hurriedly or in vain. Though the decision is all mine and truly only effects myself, I am happy to know that so many have helped guide me in this tumultous time...


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