Monday, October 16, 2006

"Philip puts the brotherly love back into Philadelphia!"

So yeah, never have I ever been one for the campaign slogan. That's what I have Tommy for. He can be my campaign manager, seeing as he tweaked my bio, and has everyone talking about it. Always a good sign, for better or worse, it got people's attention. Now I just want to give a speech that will wow everyone. It's sort of funny, but I do not care at this point if I get elected, as much as I use this one speech to revise and change how I am viewed by my classmates. I am not delicate, and I am not always proper, but I am one not to reckon with, and one not to be seen as a joke anymore.

So onto the random thoughts I have on my coming speech tomorrow. I have a few angles I can use. One which I feel is now pretty much defunct. This would be to go with the soft side of my personality. I do not think that is what Drexel needs though, and not who I am. So unless you see a point to it, that idea is out.

Next will be to go with a very hard edge. The type of speech where I literally am on a soap box, and talk about celebrating Drexel Law, and community. How we must band together and see the future, blah blah. You know the type of speech. It will be what most people give because they all say we must look to this future and how we must mold it, and shape it. I do believe in that cause, but I think it will get old after five or six people say the same thing.

Next I could make a speech centered more on myself and what I can give to the school. Except I will say I do not have the strongest resume compared to the other kids. All I have is my Columbia degree, so I am not sure what angle I could use in this affect? Suggestions always welcome. Perhaps I would also come off way too stuffy and stuck up. Being level not my best suit, but if I pulled it off, I would seem strong and finally tear off all the negative attributes given to me since the beginning of law school.

I guess the only other way is a sort of meshing of a few of these. Start off looking at the present. Explain how we are really new, and have no past with which to lead us. And a future, that is wholly uncertain. Rather than say, let's make the school great for the future, let's make it great for us! We have three years to learn to be the best lawyers possible. A constitution is necessary, but a central body anyone can turn to as we go through our time here is even more important. Yes, we're a community, but we're also individuals who each have our own ideas and need help in varied ways. A body of students that represents this individuality is better, than one based solely on conformity. I can represent a body such as that, and would never want one where we cannot be who and what we are. I want everyone's ideas, and everyone's thoughts. Our only job as the government body is to listen and focus all the ideas. We may not have a past, but we will make one. Live in the present, and we will succeed. Judge ourselves by others, and we'll fail. Look only to the future, and we'll miss out on everything we accomplish while here.
(maybe not the best of ideas, but if I say these things, I know I'll be honest...)

Well I guess I will have to think about it all. And I will most certainly do it all on the cuff. But that's what I do best. I'll say this about the past weekend. Though I have a lot to learn and a lot to really think about, tomorrow I can get all of that emotion out in one burst. At least you gave me a cathartic moment. I am changing, and contrary to what Oona said, I do not think this is a bad thing. It's a necessity. So time to rise to the occassion and kick some ass, all while learning how best to use my new found law skills in all facest of my life!